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Web Design​

There is no one size fits all, our websites are custom designed to reflect our client's needs. We have packages starting at $1000. We use proven Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. WordPress is the most used CMS as shown here on wappalyzer.com with the largest support on the World Wide Web. We currently use Joomla in complex shopping systems.

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We offer web hosting at multiple levels, from semi-managed to fully managed website packages. Our managed packages are very popular with our clients. They can continue managing their business and leave all the software updates and website revisions to us. This package is a real time saver, not to mention a great savings. You know your monthly budget and no hidden cost.

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We offer training for those who want to manage their own websites, Facebook or Local SEO. Want to know more, call us today!

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Help people find you. One of the best places to start targeting your market is with Local SEO. Most of our clients depend on foot traffic to their location. Today a well designed website is not enough, SEO has to be part of your plan.
Don't be tricked by sellers contacting you promising you to be #1 in the search engines. There is no short cut to the top of the page. We can improve your local SEO.... Call for a free Audit today!

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Social Media

Social Media works for many businesses. It takes time and dedication to keep up with these accounts. Building a Facebook page and not updating it for months, even years reflects badly on any business. We can help you with your Facebook page so you can be up to date.
We can incorporate your Facebook page into your website that feeds fresh content to your website and reduces time and money

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Online Advertising

We can design a personalized campaigns that can be used in social media, ads and landing pages.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Not all email marketing campaigns are created equal. I am sure you get your fair share of marketing emails. Setting up your email marketing needs has to have recordable stats that let you know if you are successful. We can set up and design email campaigns that looks great, gives you reports and keeps you out of legal trouble.

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Developing a planned strategy, we can work towards your goals and measure success while working within a budget. Clients that have a strategy in place are more successful than those that don't.

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What kind of research is relevant to your business? Research is a powerful tool, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information. We can help you with that. The most common research is key word search, competitors website or data collection for a due diligence. We also research plugins, modules, templates and programs.

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Disaster Recovery

Websites get hacked, it is a fact of life. How to handle recovery from that hack is the real key. We have a proven recovery process on our managed hosting plans. If hacked, we have you covered.

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