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Listed are a few of our clients with a summary of the unique services we provided. We work with them to bring real solutions. You can visit their website by clicking on the images representing their site.

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Great Lakes Popcorn

Great Lakes Popcorn sells gourmet popcorn located in Port Clinton, Ohio. 
Their site is an E-commerce site developed in Joomla.
Online they have 37 flavors of popcorn, at 3 pricing levels. Bags are available in 4 sizes. In addition, they sell their popcorn in tins, in 3 different sizes with different designs with your choice of 3 of their 37 flavors. Our challenge was to design a site that could handle those options and still be able to manage pricing, inventory and changes. Greatlakes Popcorn has a managed website to reduce time and cost.

Ottawa County Historical Society

New Website Rebuild

Ottawa County Historical Society is an informational website that was designed in Joomla. 
After Years the site became dated and need revised.
A Fresh New Look in WordPress! The site is organized easy to navigate with modern Functions.
Their site is  Fully Managed by  Destination Designs.

Snyder Collision

Snyder Collision needed a site to help people find them and supply information about their services.
Services also included logo refresh for use online and offline.

Newport Clothing & Gear

Newport Clothing & Gear is a very attractive single page site.
In this single page there is everything they need for people to find them and bring them to their location.
Visual ideas of clothing coordinates and brands they stock.
They have a strong Facebook presence, to reduce the workload their Facebook is displayed on their site. Users can sign up on their website to receive email campaigns,  which has been very successful in their marketing.

Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus

Ottawa County Riverview Healthcare Campus is a very personal place. Their services are individualized to their residents and patients. Their site is introduction of their facility and inform the community of their services. Our services included a photo shoot at their location of staff and facilities to use on the website. We originally developed in Joomla, later we updated the site to WordPress.

1812 Food & Sprits offers an incredibly unique experience with much to offer for everyone, fine dinning inside and a pool outside with a bar.  They needed their menus, specials and pool information online. This places  information online at the finger tips of your phone and reduces the need to call for this information. They use Facebook to announce daily specials, events and holiday menus. Displaying their Facebook page on the website reduces their time. They only have to update Facebook and it updates their website.

New Wave Snorkel & Scuba Center

New Wave Snorkel & Scuba Center offers local sales and services at their store plus scuba trips to dreamy locations. With their location being on Lake Erie they teach people how to scuba and snorkel. Training information is located on their site for scuba enthusiasts at various levels.

Seeing Red Charters

Seeing Red Charters is a Bold site with a lot of information. Captain JJ Loves to fish. He offers lodging and charters daily during the fishing season. 
He gets very busy in the summer and sends us a lot of pictures, he likes his site always changing and keeping it fresh. We have automated his Google Reviews for display on his site. He has a fully managed site so he can do what he enjoys most, fishing with his clients!

Rosies Bar & Grill

Rosies Bar & Grill needed their menu online along with specials. They maintain their Facebook page with the daily specials, placing their Facebook on the home page allows for them to update Facebook with daily specials that displays on the website. This reduces the amount of work, update in one place and display in two places. A Win Win.

Firelands Presbyterian Church

Firelands Presbyterian Church just got a newly designed site. They are very involved with various missions within our community. They wanted people to know more about them and invite people to join them in worship and community service. Their church also has a highly rated educational day care.
The site had to be set up for easy maintenance for church staff to maintain. We supplied solutions and training to reach their goals.

TNT Horticultural Professionals LLC

TNT wanted a website that was cheerful and easy to maintain. They are very busy involved in their work and needed a site to reduce work by displaying their Facebook on the front page.

Chick Schaffner Golf Classic

Chick Schaffner Golf Classic is an Annual Event to raise money for Stein Hospice and American Heart Association.  They needed a site for people to registrar for the event. Google Forms was the answer they could keep track of participants and more than one person could help keep track.

Team Kuras

Team Kuras in Oak Harbor, Ohio they supply excavating and septic/jetter services. They also have portable restrooms for rental. Their site is an informational site that informs users of their services.

Huron River Valley Resort

Huron River Valley Resort’s website needed an easy to understand pricing structure for users. They also needed a calendar to inform campers of upcoming events. In addition, they incorporated a live feed and map for campers to get the latest information.

Musical Arts Series Port Clinton

Musical Arts needed a website that is easy for them to maintain. Including their Facebook feed on the front page to reduce redundant information. Along with their website build they received training to maintain their current site.

Parade of Homes

Catawba & Marblehead Parade of Homes needed a map with locations of all the homes on display. The map had to be interactive and help users with directions to the open houses on their mobile phone. With the location they also needed information and pictures of the home. Ads are also sold on this site. This event runs every year, so a template needed to be created for setting up homes year after year.

Waldock's Equipment

Waldock’s Equipment has two locations: Bloomville and Attica, Ohio. Their website was in an outdated failing CMS that was not updatable. They wanted the same design and information. We were able to construct their site to look very close to the original site within WordPress which is the most supported CMS on the web today.

Waldock Truck Service

Waldock Truck Service is located in Attica, Ohio. This site was also in a failing CMS that was not updatable. They wanted the same design and information. We were able to construct their site to look very close to the original site within WordPress which is the most supported CMS on the web today.

Tiffin Dragon Radio

Tiffin Dragon Radio is Tiffin University’s radio website built in a legacy Joomla version.  Destination Designs took over maintenance of their CMS after the company that built the site went out of business. Tiffin Dragon Radio hopes to rebuild the site when funds become available, until then we keep the CMS up and running.

Fremont Floor Covering

Fremont Floor Covering is developed in Joomla. They also needed an email solution for their domain.
The site is fully managed.

Bistro 163

Bistro 163 is a “Pay it Forward” restaurant in Port Clinton, Ohio. Their website was fully in HTML and difficult to maintain. It was not mobile ready. We redesigned the website in WordPress making it mobile ready and included their menu. They also have a strong Facebook presence so we included it on the front page. Services included the set up PayPal to take donations online.

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